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Pro Niri Technology LLC, your comprehensive partner for wholesale of computer systems, software, and commercial brokerage.

We are committed to delivering cutting-edge technological solutions and facilitating successful transactions between business partners. Explore our site to discover how we can meet all your technology and business needs.


At Pro Niri Technology LLC, we distinguish ourselves through our commitment to providing innovative IT solutions and facilitating successful business partnerships. In addition to our expertise in wholesale of computer systems and software, our commercial brokerage activity strengthens our position as a complete strategic partner. Our dedicated team constantly strives to understand your unique needs and deliver tailored solutions. 


Explore our extensive range of wholesale computer systems, from desktop computers to high-end server solutions, along with robust storage options. We collaborate with leading manufacturers to offer reliable and high-performance products. Also, discover our comprehensive selection of wholesale software, covering all requirements from operating systems to specialized applications.

Commercial Brokerage

As experienced commercial brokers, we simplify the process of buying and selling to facilitate smooth transactions between business partners. Whether you're seeking specific products, strategic partners, or expansion opportunities, our brokerage team is here to guide you through the process. We effectively connect market players, fostering mutual growth.

As a trusted partner, we go beyond simply supplying products. Our team of experienced professionals is here to advise and guide you in selecting solutions that best suit your needs. From customizing hardware configurations to wholesale software license management, we’re here to streamline your purchasing process and enhance your experience.



Our team has in-depth knowledge of products and the market. 


We have established strong relationships with leading manufacturers and suppliers. 


We offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. 



We provide exceptional customer service and technical support. 


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Ready to explore how Pro Niri Technology LLC can meet your needs for computer systems, software, and commercial brokerage? Contact us today. Our responsive team is ready to discuss your projects, answer your questions, and develop solutions tailored to your business.

Thank you for choosing Pro Niri Technology LLC as your trusted partner for wholesale of computer systems, software, and commercial brokerage. Together, let’s build the future of your technological infrastructure and business partnerships.


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